boomer or bust

I am not an impulsive person. At all. I'm hesitant, unsure, and generally a bit nervous about taking any sort of step into the unfamiliar. I don't make a move – in work, love, or life – until it's outrageously obvious that it is the only thing to do.

But, somehow, I have a soft spot for impulsiveness when it comes to decisions of the furry kind. And so, it really isn't all that surprising that we came back from our recent trip to Maine with a small dog in tow. We'd been looking unsucessfully online for weeks – me with a laundry list of must-have requirements for our future pup. And then, along came a sweet looking dog of the wrong breed in the wrong country. I was hooked and that laundry list went straight out the window. And a pitstop was made on the way home from Maine to meet this guy. He won us over easily with a sweet softness and a snuggle, and within an hour, the three of us set off for home.

And so, I am thrilled to introduce you to Boomer. This sweet, small beagle-spaniel mix is a one-year old stray all the way from Tennesse. We're settling in and getting to know each other, and while there have been rough patches already (with the certainty of more), I am so happy that he's ours.

Boomer1 Boomer3 
Adopting Boomer was reminiscent of the way I brought Simon into my life. The circumstances were wrong, the decision impractical, but the choice was so so good and I often thank that touch of implusiveness that ultimately became one of the best decisions I ever made.


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