2010, oh how I’ve loved you…

Even as the last day of the year winds down, I am smiling silly in awe at just how wonderful this year has been. My (now) husband promised – as we watched a tearfully sad 2009 draw to a close – that 2010 was going to be amazing. And it was nothing short of that.

  • We took walks together, just the two of us, in the absence of walks we used to take with my sweet old dog.
  • We ate burgers and pie in Kensington Market.
  • I threw myself into learning with classes at night and a project on the side.
  • We celebrated Olympic hockey awesomeness with friends and pints.
  • We found a little old house to call our own.
  • I eagerly planted tomatoes and flowers (and proceeded to neglect them all summer long).
  • We drove to Maine and fell in love.
  • We crossed the border back into Canada with a sweet spazzy puppy named Boomer on my lap.
  • We took our annual trek up north – with more friends joining us than before – and came home with even more amazing memories.
  • We spent evenings at the beach trying desperately to tire that puppy out… just a bit.
  • We got married!!!
  • We walked around the Louvre, ate our body weight in croissants and crepes, and I fell head over heels for the Eiffel Tower.
  • We celebrated our first Hallowe'en together – a pumpkin was carved, seeds were roasted and eaten, and kids trick or treated on our front porch.
  • He travelled halfway across the world (three times) to eat poisonous fish and talk business, and Boomer and I bonded with each other in his absence.
  • He celebrated our first Christmas together – he carried home a tree from the corner store and I decorated it, and marvelled in all it's white-light loveliness.


2011, here we come!!

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