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a post about weather (because I am Canadian and it is March)

Oh gosh, where have I been. I’ve been in true hibernation the past few months waiting for the winter-that-would-not-give-us-a-break to give us a flippin’ break. This year, winter came in with a burst of snow before the calendar even officially … Continue reading

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weekly photo challenge: layers

Layers. I thought a while about what to choose for this week’s challenge and then I went about the day to day living that has us inside and outside for a little while longer. There was a quick trip to … Continue reading

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gold stars

I am attempting to make sure my little garden oozes colour all year, but I swear spring blooms are the prettiest part of the growing season. Makes this task a little hard. Mother nature must use this as a reward … Continue reading

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in the ground

Spring is here… and it is such a relief. Isla and I are out just as much as ever (which has always been a lot) only now it’s to sit on the porch, or to take leisurely strolls in bare … Continue reading

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from head to toe

I could see this not going very well. Fresh from a morning of one catnap and oodles of overstimulation – baby songs at the library with a zillion other parents and babies and the enormous challenge of trying to spill … Continue reading

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on a walk

We walk. We walk a lot. On good days we are out with Boomer dog or friends, and on bad days where the little miss is fussy or overtired, we take that glass-is-half-empty feeling and fit it up with fresh … Continue reading

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