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little red riding hood

Finishing this sweater was like birthing a baby. Ok, maybe not that bad. I may be nearly 11 months post partum, but I DO still remember that little ordeal. Still, getting this sweater off the needles felt impossible at times. … Continue reading

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at the river

As poorly and abruptly as the season ended, we did have two wonderful short trips up to camp to introduce the littlest river rat to the river. >>> There was the first ever boat ride in to camp (which was … Continue reading

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a mama and her cub

I’m finding these days a little challenging. Or, really, it’s the nights that are tricky. We’re knee deep in sleep regression and my battery can’t last through the entire evening. The baby just. won’t. go. to. sleep. And I end … Continue reading

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two thousand and twelve

2012 was good to me. So good to me. There was knitting (loads and loads of it in the early part of the year), trips to the beach with my two fellas, a trip up north, visits with family near … Continue reading

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fall, my friend

Apparently I won the doorprize for Fall 2011. On the first day of the season I found myself bogged down with the makings of a nasty cold virus. I left work early and spent the rest of the day in … Continue reading

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beagles are not cute

And spaniels aren’t cute either. And this face? This face is not cute. At all. I don’t care how almond-y his eyes are, and I don’t care about those silly little spots on his nose or that crisp white blaze … Continue reading

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